Bird Finding Guide to Western Massachusetts
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An essential resource for locating birds from the marshes of western Worcester County to the peaks of the Berkshires. Fifty-two local birders collaborated to produce this practical guide that features stunning original illustrations by Andrew Magee and bar charts showing seasonal abundance. The guide's 83 site accounts and 85 maps cover the other Massachusetts, the less-populated region bounded by New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont. In addition to well-known birding locations, dozens of lesser known but equaly productive and beautiful sites are covered. Whether you are a beginning birder or an expert, whether you choose casual walks, strenuous hikes, birding from your car, or backwater canoeing, this book takes you from city to hilltown as you sample the region's diverse habitats and rich bird life. A list of conservation resources provides contacts for learning about and helping to preserve the natural heritage of Western Massachusetts. Also available in Bulk for Bookstores see Bulk Items.