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Best Management Practices for Finfish Aquaculture in Massachusetts
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Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms in natural or controlled marine or freshwater environments. There is a great diversity of activities and industries covered under this broad definition, but the discussion in this manual is restricted to the production of freshwater finfish in Massachusetts. Aquaculture plays an increasingly important role in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in the United States. At present, the value of aquaculture products imported to the United States ranks third, following petroleum and automobiles, and the industry itself is growing as both small operations and large facilities are established. The practices listed in this manual are intended to assist finfish growers in improving production while preventing or minimizing environmental impact. The Best Management Practices outlined in this manual can also assist federal, state and local agencies in understanding and evaluating proposed and existing aquaculture facilities to evaluate the suitability, feasibility and support of proposed projects.

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