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Cat # Title Price
PD-FLDIS2B Floriculture/Hemp Disease $50.00
PD-FLINS2 Floriculture/Hemp Insect ID $50.00
PD-FLNEM2 Floriculture/Hemp Nematode $50.00
PD-FRDS2 Fruit Disease $50.00
PD-FRINS2 Fruit Insect ID $50.00
PD-FRNM2 Fruit Nematode $50.00
PD-IWT Irrigation Water Testing $50.00
PD-TSDIS2 Tree and Shrub Disease $50.00
PD-TSINS2 Tree and Shrub Insect ID $50.00
PD-TURDIS2 Turf Disease $75.00
PD-TURINS2 Turf Insect ID $50.00
PD-TURNEM2 Turf Nematodes $75.00
PD-VEGDIS2 Vegetable Disease $50.00
PD-VEGINS Vegetable Insect ID $50.00
PD-VEGNEM2 Vegetable Nematode $50.00
PD-SOL Vegetable/Floriculture/Hemp additional Soluble Salts Test $10.00
PD-VEGDISSOL Vegetable/Floriculture/Hemp Disease plus Soluble Salts Test $60.00
PD-WEED2 Weed or Invasive Plant ID $30.00